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How to buy

If you have found the suitable product, you have to choose the recommended quantity and click on the button ”Add to Cart” or “buy”. Now you can see the contents of your shopping basket: the chosen products and their cost. It is possible to change in the shopping basket the quantity of the chosen goods and also, by using the button “Delete product from cart”, to delete the already chosen product from the shopping basket, for the confirmation of the alterations you should click on the button “Update quantity in Cart”. In case you would like to proceed browsing the products in the store, click on the Product Category. You return to the catalogue of the products. All the already chosen items remain in the shopping basket! If you have chosen and added all the required products into the shopping basket, then click on the button “Checkout”. Next opens the site, where are asked the contact details of the client. Fill properly in all the fields and click on the button “Continue”. Then you can check your order and contact details, on the last site click on the button “Order confirmation”. Now your order has been forwarded to us.

Paying the invoices

You are sent an e-invoice – arrives also on the e-mail address that you have shown in the form the Order confirmation or the Prepayment invoice (with the payment term of 3 days). In case you have not paid the prepayment within 3 days, then we usually automatically cancel your order. Be careful to show in the explanations’ field while executing the payment the prepayment invoice number.

Delivery term

We mail the goods that are already in the warehouse in the next working day, after receiving the payment for the goods. In case of special orders and also in case the product can not be found in the warehouse, its preparation takes time 2 to 4 weeks We inform you of the production date of the product by sending an according message to your e-mail. The final delivery term depends on the chosen transportation type and the target country.


Cost of the goods of Hansa Lina.Com contains all the domestic taxes of Estonia. Moving of the goods within the European Union (import-export) is duty-free. For ordering the parcels outside the European Union, the client should take into account the possible applied customs duties that must be paid by the client in the target country upon the collection of the goods.

Identity of the product

All photos are illustrative. Prices, texts and the information of the availability of the goods may change without any notification. Colours of many similar products may be slightly different; also the colours of the product on the photo may differ to some extent from the colours of the ready-made product.

Additional information

Goods that are available in the e-store of Hansa Lina may be ordered in gross. Contact us by e-mail at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or leave a message to the “Contact” menu. In case of ordering in gross the cost and delivery term of the goods change.

Final provisions

The information rendered by you is regarded as confidential and it is not forwarded to the third parties, except for cases enacted by law. The purchase-sales contract is regarded to be concluded, if the buyer has sent the seller an order and the seller has returned him/her the invoice for paying for this order.